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X-Academy is a two-year supported development programme, mainly delivered through working on real projects relating to the energy transition. Projects covering themes such as offshore wind, decarbonising oil and gas, carbon capture, utilisation and storage, cables, interconnectors and grids, hydrogen, and marine energy. 

X-Academy was launched with funding from ETZ Ltd, who are a delivery partner for the North East Economic Recovery and Skills Fund (NEERSF), confirmed by the Scottish Government last year. NEERSF is supporting the economic recovery and enhancing skill levels in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire though key sector growth, employment, training, and skills development opportunities. In addition to the NEERSF, bp and EnBW, have committed to support the X-Academy for the next five years

As a professional development programme, X-Academy is all about bringing like-minded people together, that possess their own unique skills sets and experience and promotes cross-learning working, to collaborate on industry solutions or expand existing ideas that have real potential. 

With your involvement, Xccelerators can gain real-life experiences that further harness and nurture their skills.  

The X-Academy pilot programme has already shown the potential that this type of shared learning can spawn – and we want this to benefit industry partners and collaborators.  

Collaboration within the cohort and with external partners is encouraged and there is an opportunity to use Xccelerators for in-house support including R&D projects.  

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