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Together with the advisory team, our subsurface specialists provide competent person’s reports (CPRs), reserves audits and technical due diligence on transactions totalling more than $10 billion each year. 

We have international experience in oil and gas developments, providing expertise to clients as well as a proven track record in delivering robust development solutions in challenging environments.  

We are adept at handling subsurface uncertainty, revenue projections, capital requirements, asset integrity and decommissioning liabilities at all levels. Our appraisal and development projects cover all aspect of geoscience and petroleum engineering. 

Our work alongside project development specialists provides a fully integrated surface-subsurface team to turn discoveries into developments or revitalise mature assets. 


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Our engineers and geoscientists work across the full subsurface development spectrum from early phase exploration, appraisal, reservoir modelling through to reservoir surveillance, production optimisation and late life field management/ troubleshooting. We are flexible and adaptable in our approach to meet the specialist needs of the client.

Mergers & Acquisitions 

We deliver work on both the buyer and seller sides of a transaction. This can be through performing detailed due diligence on corporations or assets and attending datarooms on the client’s behalf. Alternatively, it can be delivering CPRs for organisations to raise capital or to take to major stock exchanges. We have also assisted smaller companies in the farm down of acreage, through technical studies and facilitating the distribution of marketing material with our network of clients. 

Exploration & Development 

The Xodus subsurface team specialises in geology, geophysics, and reservoir engineering disciplines. With practical hands-on experience throughout the project lifecycle from geological and geophysical studies to generate play concepts and leads, through to well planning and reservoir optimisation.  

Energy Transition 

Understanding the subsurface is vital when assessing the feasibility of both CCUS and Geothermal projects and we offer commercial and technical advisory for both. Working in partnership with the surface and environmental teams we can deliver a holistic approach to problems 


Xodus has a wealth of experience in delivering independent technical and economic assessments of oil and gas assets.
The advisory team provides subsurface and well/production operations optimisation capability, we support our oil & gas clients to maximise the value out of their existing assets. Our operations support services include production engineering, stimulation and optimization, well services, completions engineering, reservoir surveillance and PTA. 


Xodus has a proven track record for generating the subsurface basis of design (BOD), which is a key first step in the decommissioning process, as part of wells and facilities decommissioning programmes.

We can minimise the number of project interfaces, through partnering our aligned subsurface, wells and decommissioning teams. By reviewing reservoir properties, geothermal gradient, subsurface hazards and other considerations, we ensure that all various synergies and cost and schedule efficiencies across all parts of the decommissioning programme are realised 


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