Maximising the life of your assets

The first step in sustainability is maximising the life of what we already have. We provide wide ranging integrity services to ensure safe continued operations, from the subsea to topsides, from design to operations, late life and decommissioning. Our fully integrated approach seamlessly brings together our wide-ranging global operations to ensure that we put in place the right level of expertise backed up by technical knowledge, many years of experience and proprietary software packages. Collectively, we deliver a range of services from full pipeline integrity management contracts to environmental permits and everything in between. 

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Whether it is a quick level 3 assessment of wall loss or a full FEA model of your export riser, our experienced engineers are here to support you with integrity assessment.

We have engineers performing these tasks daily as part of day-to-day integrity support contracts as well as industry experts that are called upon by clients when things get complicated. We offer the range and depth needed to assure the continued fitness for purpose of an asset as well as include recommendations for remedial work required.  

We also have that little something extra too in CFD capability, vibration expertise or dynamic simulation offering, preventing the need to split your scope into multiple parts. Your issue can be complicated enough without having to manage multiple interfaces and the dangers that brings.  

Fitness for service (FFS) has become an important element in confirming pressurised systems. We have the capability and experience in the application of these standards, providing level 1 screening assessments to the more comprehensive level 3 type assessments. This gives our clients confidence that equipment, which had detected issues, were safe to operate, preventing unnecessary plant shutdowns and extending production.  


Whether it is a quick code assessment of wall loss or a full FEA model of your export riser, our experienced engineers are here to support you with integrity assessment.

We have experience in providing full IM teams covering everything from TAs to graduate engineers to smaller targeted teams to fit the gaps in your organisation. Our team has had great success in supporting companies to change their IM process and strategy in short durations, resulting in excellent feedback from upper management and regulators alike. Comfortable with both new assets and ultra-late life assets, our experience provides you with support and guidance you need. One recent success story saw us help an operator turn an IM team deemed as sub-standard to a fit for purpose outfit within a single year whilst reducing team spend by 52% - proving both results and savings. 

We pride ourselves in optimising your IM process at every step, using learning from your peers or digitalisation to reduce the time spent on integrity scoring and using that time on actioning improvements and solutions which we feel is real integrity management.  


Almost immediately after getting involved in day-to-day IM, we recognised the digitalisation opportunity for the IM process.

When our clients asked us to offer them a solution we jumped at the chance – and XAMIN IM was born. In the last decade, XAMIN has changed the way many operators have managed their assets, how they have reported internally, with the regulator and with peers. Our bespoke software has improved system reporting, it reduces data handling and speeds up delivery of key reports to client TAs. Ultimately it makes your data work for you, meaning our teams can focus on managing the issues and not manipulating the data. Find out more about XAMIN IM here.  


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