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A spark of an idea can be created in isolation, but to allow it to take hold and really make a difference we must collaborate to inspire change.
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We strive to be different and take great care to help shape a more responsible energy future.

The energy industry is hugely important and through our people we have the capabilities to unlock what is possible, uniting the unique to share knowledge, embracing imagination to ensure innovation – delivering for our clients across the globe. We have the confidence to challenge and try new things, to be a trusted advisor and create change.

We lead by example, proud members of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), using our voice, acting responsibly, and making an impact. Looking at the world in new ways, empowering and inspiring others do the same.

As we make sustainable strides of progress towards the energy transition, we will break down barriers, and we will enable progress We have the power to create change.

We are Xodus. This is what we do.

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Our Functions


Integrating our diverse technical and commercial expertise. 

As we accelerate the global transition to a low carbon economy, the investment landscape is becoming more and more complex as markets, policies and regulations also undergo rapid change. 

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Using experience and knowledge to maximise performance.

Our flexible, responsive and multi-skilled teams can apply their unique breadth of combined skills to take a holistic and independent view to address your core issues.   

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Delivering a sustainable and responsible energy future. 

Environmental science, whether human, physical, biological or built environment, is the cornerstone of creating new and managing existing responsible and sustainable energy projects. 

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Sector enablement

It’s vital that together we create a long-term, sustainable and supportive offshore renewable energy industry at both a local and global level.

Our teams focus on the opportunities to enable industry development and deliver value to the projects as well as communities and consumers. 

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