Understanding the future energy mix

As the energy industry recognises the importance of carbon reduction and the need to work towards net zero, we must look at what the energy mix looks like. At Xodus, we see both ‘green’ and ‘blue’ hydrogen as one of the many solutions that will be a part of the energy transition. 

Clients can call on our expertise to support new and existing hydrogen developments across the project lifecycle from site selection, feasibility and planning, conceptual design and option selection, front end engineering design (FEED), execution and operation, right through to decommissioning. We can help ensure hydrogen developments are compliant within their jurisdiction and ahead of emerging regulations and technical advances. 

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Market Insights

We have created various proprietary tools to support our clients with key project decisions. From managing a database containing details of the 900 hydrogen projects happening right now globally to developing an interactive levelised cost of hydrogen model to support to compare various project factors that feed into project site selection, we have the information to ensure you make the right choices. 

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Developing the supply chain

One challenge for hydrogen is the development of optimised supply chains that integrate production systems with their end-users that are economical and leverage available resources. We are working with industry to build key supply chain networks to ensure the technical performance challenges of hydrogen, such as energy efficiency and high production costs, can be overcome.    

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Hydrogen technologies

We are technology agnostic and will always strive to support you to find the right technology or technologies for your project. Having this independence, and breadth of understanding of all the emerging technologies across this sector means we really can deliver any type of solution from developing a multi-use site to a single train demonstration project and anything in between.  


Our clever thinking ensures that the most appropriate way of developing our clients’ energy resources is selected.

This means we think wide and architect projects to make sure they are buildable, bankable and consentable, pulling in the right partners to enable your project when needed. We have a structured, auditable and repeatable approach to how to develop projects that allows us to ensure that we assist our clients in developing their energy resources in line with their business drivers, while still ensuring we can be creative and problem solve along the way.  

With a multi-disciplinary range of skills, our development capability provides integrated solutions for all types of development studies from complex multi-use sights, integrating wind, solar and hydrogen, to one-off demonstrator sites to decarbonise one small sector of industry. We pride ourselves in being able to engage and work closely with our clients to deliver comprehensive concept and project development solutions and driving forward the very fast-moving hydrogen economy.    


Our breadth of expertise gives us a unique understanding of how to fine-tune operations.

Our years of experience in real-life asset management means we can provide invaluable knowledge of the challenges hydrogen plants will face. Our digital platform, XAMIN, provides management solutions for integrity management, vibration fatigue, and environmental compliance, consenting and permitting, all which will be key to having a high performing site.  


We are in an ideal position to support decommissioning activities.

We have a multi-specialised team of scientists, engineers and consultants that can piece all the integrated issues together to outline the best decommissioning solution as and when the time comes.  

With the hydrogen industry still in its infancy, it is important to bring our experience of decommissioning into the early phases of projects. We know that successful decommissioning is not just about ‘how’ to decommission, instead it is reliant on finding an approach to delivering success on all elements. Applying this upfront will always mean greater success at the end of the life of the asset.  



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