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Taking technical problem solving to the next level

We have developed a cloud-based, integrated engineering platform that enhances all aspects of an energy development. This game-changing digital technology will deliver more at the project development phase. The outputs from FLUX allow our clients to make better informed decisions - reducing risk at the early stages of a project, integrating all technical aspects of a project from economics to environment, social and governance (ESG). ​ 

FLUX is applicable across the engineering and advisory continuum through its unique ability to federate workflows from one business stream to another. ​This means a proven digital optioneering workflow, created for traditional oil and gas developments, can be immediately available for use on a renewables project. 

FLUX enables us to take advantage of best available technology in any domain​. We can connect to external data sources, applications and digital services using APIs or direct queries in common languages such as Python. By taking full advantage of modern digital services, practices and resources, FLUX makes sense of your data. 

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Improve speed
and quality

Project delivery will be faster and better quality through automation and single-source information that FLUX provides.  

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De-risk projects

By increasing understanding of the design space earlier in the project lifecycle, you will be able to make better informed decisions - carrying less risk as you move through the project phases.  

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Discover more intrinsic
project value

Through deep analytics, cutting-edge visualisations and interactive deliverables FLUX will realise more value from your project.  

FLUX can provide digital deliverables that support quick and informed decision-making, allowing projects to be progressed with confidence. The interactive graph below, produced by FLUX, is built from 100’s of 1000’s of data points. It shows various design scenarios based on the variables of an integrated multi-energy site. By adjusting the parameters, depending on what the key factors are for the project, you can very quickly see the impact on other variables. Give it a go, have a look at how a low levelized cost of energy impacts what energy sources you need for this project.