Propane Compressor Pulsation and Vibration Reduction

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Xodus’ solution lead approach resulted in multiple measurement, simulation and testing phases. This culminated in the installation of two restriction orifice plates and subsequent vibration testing of the Propane Compressor. Our thorough approach ensured risks were quantified and informed decisions could be made. This comparatively low-cost solution resulted in the lifting of operational speed limits. 


Xodus Vibration Engineering division carried out a vibration survey of the pipework associated with the propane compressors at the Client onshore terminal.  

High vibration and dynamic pressure was found to be present for certain compressor operating conditions, allowing short term recommendations to be made to avoid problem operating scenarios. Xodus performed a pulsation analysis of the system with an objective to determine a long-term solution for pulsation and vibration reduction to enable operation across the full range of compressor running speeds and configurations.   


  • High vibration levels on the propane stream pipework under certain operating conditions. 
  • Determined to be caused by pulsation from the reciprocating compressors.   


  • Vibration Measurement 
  • Acoustics Analysis   


  • Identification of suitable operating configurations to reduce vibration risk in short term.  
  • Installation of two restriction orifice plates per compressor for pulsation reduction. 
  • Solution trialled for one out of three of the compressors. 
  • Follow-up vibration assessment confirmed effectiveness of solution.  


  • Client no longer has operational speed restrictions for the unit with ROs installed 
  • Modifications reduce vibration acceptable levels for full compressor operating range. 
  • Relatively low cost for RO installation versus pipework routing or dampener re-sizing.  


Published Date
03 Apr 2022
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